• The Pickle Factory
  • Saturday 21st May 2022
  • 23:00 - 06:00

DimSumRecords - Central, Pinder, Velvet Velour & Steamy Bumplings

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DimSumRecords At The Pickle Factory. A Showcase Of Tastes In Sound.

Inviting one of flag bearers of Danish city Aarhus - the ever versatile DJ CENTRAL. Known for his wide range of sounds, under multiple aliases expressed through multiple outlets like Help Recordings, Regelbau. Playing a hand in organically growing & fostering a multi talented community alongside affiliates DJ Sports, C.K, Manmade Deejay. We are extremely excited about his return to the UK.

Combining with some raw UK Talent our good friend PINDER (aka Nathan Pinder) to provide us with those two steppy surprises we are massive fans of. Like his masterpiece of productions released via INSTINCT & DR BANANA. Accompanying him will be The Silk Man a.k.a VELVET VELOUR. Really blessing our ears with recent releases on Welt Discos & Ba Dum Tish. And Of Course - to complete the curation our trusted lieutenant STEAMY BUMPLINGS, who on the night will commence proceedings.”

This event is 18+ Please bring ID